About Us

Center for Practical Consultations (CPC) — company that provides your legal services to businesses and individuals.

We represent your interests in the different courts across Russia.

 Our team

First of all, the CPC is a team of professionals which can solve any task.

Sergej Ohotin, Head of Analysis Law Enforcement

Sergej Ohotin,
General Manager

Sergej Gaponov, Lawer

Sergej Gaponov,

Nadezhda Mefet, Lawer

Nadezhda Mefet,


Our mission

The mission of Center for practical consultations is representing the interests of our clients in solving their problems, legal literacy of citizens and the protection of the legal foundations of the state.

Main services

Lawyers of the company are experts in labor disputes, disputes related to construction contracts, and disputes over the division of property.

Narrow specialization — allows truly effective and qualified to represent clients in these ways.

Contact Us

Address: Kemerovo, Predzavodskaya st., No.10, of.1206
Tel.: +7 3842 769771, 442628
Fax: +7 3842 571771
Mob.: +79235081100

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